Amazon Arbitrage Mastery

What is Amazon Arbitrage Mastery?

This course is a mini-bootcamp for everything you need to know for selling online arbitrage on the Amazon platform in 2024. It’s the course I wish I had when I was starting. We cover everything from the basic fundamentals of Keepa to Scaling & Optimizing your entire operation. Check out a preview video from the course below and the entire list of modules!

Watch a Demo Lesson!

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Here Are the Modules:

Module 1

Keepa Fundamentals

  • Intro to Keepa Graphs
  • Tracking, Data, Variations & Settings
  • Keepa Browser Tools
  • Pattern Recognition: Charts to Look Out For

Module 2

Online Arbitrage Sourcing

  • Introduction to Manual OA Sourcing
  • Recommended Tools for OA on Amazon
  • How to Track Out of Stock Products with Software
  • Amazon to Amazon Flips Using Tactical Arbitrage
  • How to Source Replenishable Items
  • Know When to Sell Items with an IP Alert
  • How to Avoid OA Order Cancels

Module 3

Leads Lists

  • OA Deals Leads List Format Overview
  • Rabbit Trails: Turn 1 Lead into Many
  • Live Sourcing Examples Part 1
  • Live Sourcing Examples Part 2

Module 4

Keepa Product Finder

  • Configuring Your KPF Columns
  • Suppressed Buy Box Listings
  • Consistent Pricing & Declining Sellers
  • No Sales Rank & Out of Stock Listings
  • Multipacks, Bundles, & Brands
  • Storefront Search with KPF
  • ASIN Search
  • Brand New Listings
  • Meltable Items
  • No FBA Competition, Hard to Find Items
  • A2A Flips Using Keepa Product Finder

BONUS: Includes Sheet with Links to Setups

Module 5

Shipping & Logistics

  • Recommended Shipping Supplies
  • How to Create a Shipment & Track Purchases in Inventory Lab
  • How to Create a Merchant Fulfilled Shipping Template
  • How to Ship Hazmat (Dangerous Goods)

module 6

Ungating & Account Health

  • Ungating Using an Amazon Business Account
  • More on Ungating: Suppliers & Notating Invoices
  • How to Get Negative Seller Feedback Removed
  • How to Appeal any Account Health Violation

BONUS 1: Includes List of Potential Suppliers for Ungating

BONUS 2: Includes Templates to Appeal Issues with Seller Support

3D SEO Optimization,

module 7

Optimization & Outsourcing

  • Repricing on Amazon - Theory & Strategy
  • How to Setup and Run PPC
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant

BONUS: Includes VA Hiring Templates

Total Course Value: $597

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